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Immigration and Federal Employment Law


Legal Representation and Advice on Immigration and Federal Employment Law Matters

Depend on the Florida-based Law Offices of Daniel N. Vara, Jr., for your federal immigration and employment law needs. As a former senior federal attorney with 22 years of legal experience, Dan Vara established this firm in April of 2008 and is ready to represent you, throughout the United States,* with the legal advice and litigation assistance that his superior training, experience, and proven accomplishments make him uniquely suited to provide.

*Licensed Only in Virginia. Practice limited to federal agency, immigration, and employment law matters. Immigration Litigation primarily before Immigration Courts in Miami and Orlando, Florida.

Legal Experience | Daniel N. Vara, Jr.

    -   22 Years with the United States Departments of Justice & Homeland Security
    -   Chief Legal Officer for INS/DOJ in Miami, Florida, 1990–2003
    -   Chief Counsel for ICE/DHS in Orlando, Florida, 2003–2006
    -   Lead Counsel, Employment Law Litigation and Legal Advice, INS Southern Region, 1987-1990

    -   Instructor, INS, ICE, and DOJ Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL) Training Conferences
   -   Instructor, FBI National Security Training Conferences
    -   Instructor, State and Local Law Enforcement Officer Immigration Authority Initiative
    -   Speaker, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Training Conferences

Courtroom Immigration Law Consultation

Immigration Court, MSPB and EEOC Litigation

Representation before Federal Agencies

Personal Legal Advice on Federal Immigration and Employment Law Issues

Contact attorney Daniel N, Vara, Jr.
for legal representation in matters involving federal employment and immigration laws, including adverse actions, employment discrimination claims, Whistleblower reprisal and retaliation claims, removal actions, and visas.

Attorney Daniel N, Vara, Jr. 
is a former federal attorney with significant training and experience in federal employment and immigration law matters.